Our Exploration follows 2 approaches :


We aim to valorize natural helium leaks at surface related to fault zones or by capturing the helium contained in natural springs. This low risk and innovative approach therefore does not require to drill deep in the subsurface.
After having studied more than 500 sources, 45-8 Energy confirmed France to be a high potential area, geologically prone for the existence of such contexts, and is conducting a first pilot project aiming to demonstrate the technical and economic viability of this concept.
Our target: the official award of our exploration license by 2020 and a first production by 2023.


This is a more classical approach which consists in exploring, discovering and producing helium accumulations in the subsurface. Drilling a well is then necessary, requiring multidisciplinary studies prior to select a geological target offering a sufficient probability of success.
Some preliminary field measurements in one of our area of interest already proved to be very promising with significant active helium and hydrogen seeps at surface. Our investigations are still ongoing with the objective to apply for an Exploration license by 2020 and conduct one or more exploratory wells by 2022.
If successfull, 45-8 Energy could develop significant helium volumes as well as the associated native hydrogen thus supplying Europe with these two strategic and highly sought resources.
Moreover, the co-production of a 100% carbon free hydrogen, naturally produced, would drastically improve the environmental balance of a resource which is currently 95% produced from hydrocarbons or coal, therefore contributing to the emission of greenhouse gases.

AN EXPLORATION supported by R&D projects :



Objective: develop a robust and compact sensor able to measure natural hydrogen fluxes in the near surface and to transmit the data in real time.



Objective: extend "Hy-o-T" project and increase the range of gases that sensor can measure to adapt it to other uses.



Objective: consolidate the knowledge regarding the governance of subsurface engineering projects..

2018-2019 (Completed)


Objective: integration of complementary and multi-scale technologies (from satellite imagery to rock sample analysis in the laboratory) to develop an exploratory methodology specific to helium and hydrogen.