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45-8 Energy, the first company
dedicated to the eco-friendly exploration and production in Europe
of helium and its associated resources such as natural hydrogen.

Our innovative approach aims to value jointly and locally
such resources to act for the ecological transition.

An answer to a real need

45-8 Energy is benefiting from the extensive experience acquired by its founding partners over more than ten years in various subsurface activities to focus on helium, a resource carrying critical issues for the future, being now a strategic resource vital for many industries. Our will is to act sustainably in favor of the ecological transition.

Multiple Research projects

Helium Exploration together with other associated resources is a real innovation with its own problematics. For this reason, 45-8 Energy is also conducting Research and Development projects with academic and industrial partners in order to develop effective and adapted technology to efficiently and reliably detect these resources in the near surface.

A company committed to the environment

At a time when 100% of European helium is imported at high energy costs and carbon footprint, 45-8 Energy ambitions to develop an eco-friendly local helium supply chain which could therefore significantly reduce the environmental impact of such industry.

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45-8 Energy latest news:

45-8 Energy benefits from
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They trust us :

The French Ministry of Ecological Transition has labeled "Greentech Innovation" our exploration project "Fonts-Bouillants", reflecting the contribution of our activity to the current environmental challenges.

The R&D activities of 45-8 Energy were recognized by French Ministry, which awarded us the title of “Jeune Entreprise Innovante” (innovative start-up).

45-8 Energy projects and values stood out and convinced the "Réseau Entreprendre" to nominate 45-8 Energy as laureate.

The French Ministry of Industry and BPI France have selected our PROMET-Hé project as the winner of the call for projects aiming to develop the industrial strategic sectors, demonstrating its commitment to the national sovereignty.