45-8 Energy, the industrial gases exploration company !

Founded in 2017, 45-8 Energy is an innovative
industrial gases exploration and consulting company

Industrial gases exploration

Global industrial gases market is forecasted to significantly grow in the coming years being more and more used in a wide range of high-tech industries. Such gases are therefore turning to be extremely strategic.

Some of these gases can only be commercially found in the subsurface. However, historically, those gases were not really specifically explored and most of the time discovered unintentionally when seeking hydrocarbons.

45-8 Energy is the first company specifically dedicated to industrial gases exploration, currently focusing on Helium and Hydrogen.


Geoscience consulting

To support its development, 45-8 Energy has developed in parallel to its exploration activites a worldwide consulting activity.

Our consulting services are taking advantage of the extended Oil & Gas experience and network gathered by 45-8 Energy team over the last 10 years in more than 15 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, America and Asia-Pacific.

Any specific needs ? Take advantage of our start-up structure able to build for you fit-for-purpose deliveries at competitive costs !


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